Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Liars - It Fit When I Was A Kid 7"

  • 7" Single
  • Picture disc

  • Single Rating: 4/5 (Great)
  • Sound Quality: 4/5 (Great)
  • Packaging: 3/5 (Average)

Seldom does an album's artwork alone speak to me in such an inspiring, thought-provoking way, but the cover of Liar's It Fit When I Was A Kid 7" single, is among the most imaginative I've seen.

All joking aside, "It Fit When I Was A Kid" is a great song. It was the first single off dance-punk turned experimental noise rock band Liar's 2006 masterpiece, Drum's Not Dead. I'd love to be able to review the full Drum's Not Dead LP, but unfortunately it had a very limited run, and finding a copy at a decent price is no easy feat nowadays.

This single was one of only 500 copies, but you can still find them scattered across the internet for a relatively good price. The single contains two tracks, the first of course being "It Fit When I Was A Kid" on Side A, and an interesting remix of the same song on Side B.

I got this 7" used, but it was still in great shape, especially the picture disc cookie-vinyl. The vinyl is nice and heavy, and sounds great considering it is a picture disc. While picture discs are certainly cool to look at, they generally fall behind in sound quality, but this one is not too shabby at all.

If you want to see the original, uncensored version of the cover art, go to the following link (WARNING: Not safe for work):

EDIT: It seems the above link doesn't work any longer. Just a day or two after this post too! Well, if your heart is really set on seeing the original cover, you'll just have to Google it for yourself. You've been warned.


  1. Really cool Vinyl! I've never heard the Liars before, I'm going to check them out.

  2. I don't remember hearing these guys before, might have to check them out.

  3. That's some really really awesome artwork. I may pick that up.

    Also I clicked the link and I now have to go wash my eyes with bleach.

  4. All man nipples should have love heart censorship. ♥

  5. lol love the cookie vinyl! cooooooooooookie! :P